Stacking Snowmen Play Activity from Housing A Forest

Today I am handing things off to Tammy from Housing A Forest. She is one of my favorite bloggers and when you stop by her blog, you will see why. She has so many wonderful, creative projects for kids and her beautiful photos really bring the activities to life. Her house just seems like a really fun place to live. So check it out and be inspired!

Hi everyone from Mess For Less! My name is Tammy and am so excited to be sharing with you today! I am a mom of 3 busy kiddos, run an in home daycare and teach high school art. I love spending time being creative and encouraging my kids to be creative as well. I blog over at Housing A Forest where we have lots of fun creating, learning and experimenting. I would love for you to stop by, say Hello and join in on the fun!

Stacking Snowmen Play

Do you have a bag of opened marshmallows in the back of your cupboard? You know the kind that have been there since your last summer campfire. They still look yummy, but are hard as a rock. Instead of throwing the inedible marshmallows out, we turned them into an adorable Stacking Snowman Play activity.

Stacking Snowmen Play

Since these little guys were too hard to be consumed, the kids made little snowman faces with a Sharpie marker. (However, if you plan on eating your snowmen, then make sure you use a food safe marker)
Stacking Snowmen Play

The kids tried to build the tallest tower they could before it came toppling over. Four snowmen was a common number, but a few stacks got to be six marshmallows tall. I tried it, and let me tell you, you have to have good coordination to get them to stack 6 high!

Stacking Snowmen Play 3

Who knew a bunch of dried out marshmallows could look so cute:)

Stacking Snowmen Play

We also played a quick game of Hide the Snowmen. My house was full of adorable snowmen peeking out from everywhere. I handed each of the kiddos an egg carton and turned them loose to hunt down the snowmen. The kids loved this winter version of an Easter egg hunt.

Stacking Snowmen Play

Sometimes it is the simplest things can provide the most fun and entertainment.

What would you have done with a bag of dried out marshmallows?

I would love for you to stop by Housing A Forest and say hello!

Thank you so much Tammy! Marshmallows usually don’t have chance to get stale in our house so we are doing to this with food safe markers as you suggested. Love the idea of the marshmallow hunt!

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