Yes, another post about breastfeeding

I know, I know.  It seems to be all I post about lately, but this is important y’all.  It’s important to me and it could help someone else who is struggling.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I weaned Daniel at 8 months.  I was going through a phase, which I now call my “touched out” phase.  I was so done with being touched.  I was angry, overwhelmed, resentful and just plain tired of constantly being needed, kneaded, bitten, having my hair pulled, my face pinched, you name it.  What I didn’t know then that my feelings were valid and that most importantly, that they would pass and I would enjoy my nursling again.  I’ve seen this same thing over and over again from other moms who have chosen to wean their babies earlier than their goal or earlier than one year and I want to tell them — no shout it out loud — “stick with it”  “just give it a day or two more”  “it’s a phase and it will pass”. I want to tell them that I’ve been there and I then lived with the regret, remorse, shame and self-anger for having weaned before my son was ready, before even I was ready.  Let’s talk about it.  Don’t sit alone and think your only option is to wean.  It will pass.  It will get easier again and you will be thankful that you’ve persevered and so will your babe.

I’ve done some reading and it seems to me that this phase usually happens a few times, around 6-8 months (when some moms typically see the return of their normal cycle, and the 6 month growth spurt), and around 14-16 months.  We’re at 18 months now with Keelan and I’ve had to kick my own butt twice now to keep on keeping on.  I don’t tell you that to make myself out to be a hero or a martyr or anything like that.  I tell you because I want you to know that I know.  That I have been there and I’m here to support you.

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