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Coffee Filter Flowers made with Tissue Paper

We are big fans of tissue paper in our house and we have used it for many art projects. Recently, we combined it with coffee filters to make some Spring coffee filter flowers. You will love how the colors from the tissue paper transfer when wet to create these coffee filter flowers. You will need:…

Crescent Roll Recipes: Fruit Filled Crescent Cups

If you are a regular reader of Mess For Less, then you know my love of crescent rolls. I have made a number of crescent roll recipes in the past, the most popular one being Apple Pie Crescents. Today I am sharing a recipe I made with the kids where we made the crescent roll…

Bunny Deviled Eggs

Hosting a party and looking for something the kids and adults will love? Try these Bunny Deviled eggs that I am sharing at the Zak Designs blog. They are too cute for kids to pass up!

the little things

Coral and I were working on some 4-H paperwork tonight, after I foolishly mentioned tomorrow’s agenda right before bedtime. She was instantly engaged and not to be put off, so I showed her what needed attending and she immediately wanted to begin. Now the majority of it is pretty mundane stuff: writing name, age, address,…

Playdough Games: Spring Playdough

I am just so excited that Spring is finally here! So are my kids. They love the warmer weather, longer daylight hours, and budding flowers. To capitalize on their excitement for a new season, I created some fun playdough games for them to play by adding some accessories to Spring colored playdough. By adding items…


“Mom, you know how Abraham Lincoln grew up in the 1800s years century?” “Yes.” “And you grew up in the 1900s years century?” “Okay.” “And I’m in the 2000s years century?” “Yep.” “I bet in the three years century everyone had to poo in a hole.” “Wow. I did not see that coming.” “Yeah, like…

T is for Truck

We have had the good fortune of seeing (on more than one occasion)  a total of 3, yes THREE cement mixers busy at work on Pacific Avenue. The kids always stare at the trucks and the workers in awe. I still remember a couple of years ago, mentioning to a construction worker that the kids…

Free Math Printables: Number Book

Recently, I created some math prinatbles designed to help kids with numbers and counting. I assembled these math printables into a book that will improve number recognition, counting skills, word recognition and even fine motor skills. All you need for this fun math activity is a copy of the book which you can download for…


photo “Dad where are we? There’s no traffic or buildings.” “We’re just getting off the freeway here and making a right.” “Now we’re in a neighborhood.” “Yep.” “Okay, now there’s stores and everything, I guess.” “I told you.” “Hey, Mom? Is Dad going the right way?” “I heard that.” “Sorry, Dad… But, Mom is he?”