Coffee Filter Flowers made with Tissue Paper

Tissue Paper Transfer - Using wet tissue paper and coffee filters to create beautiful Spring flowers.

We are big fans of tissue paper in our house and we have used it for many art projects. Recently, we combined it with coffee filters to make some Spring coffee filter flowers. You will love how the colors from the tissue paper transfer when wet to create these coffee filter flowers.

You will need:

  • Torn tissue paper in various colors
  • Coffee filter
  • Green pipe cleaner
  • Brush
  • Water in a cup
  • Paper plate

Tissue Paper Flower Craft

To make these coffee filter flowers, you will not be gluing the tissue paper to the coffee filters. This confused my daughters at first who kept asking how the tissue paper would stick to the coffee filter. You will just be transfer the color of the tissue paper to the coffee filter using a brush with water.

Have your child place the torn tissue paper on the coffee filter and “paint” over it with the brush and water.

Making coffee filter flowers

When they do this, the color from the tissue paper will start to bleed on to the coffee filter.
Spring flower activity

Let the coffee filter dry.
Tissue paper art project

When it has dried, peel off the tissue paper to reveal a beautiful color pattern.
Coffee filter flowers with tissue paper

Gather the coffee filter to make a flower shape and attach a green pipe cleaner to make these pretty coffee filter flowers.

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