Free Math Printables: Number Book

Recently, I created some math prinatbles designed to help kids with numbers and counting. I assembled these math printables into a book that will improve number recognition, counting skills, word recognition and even fine motor skills. All you need for this fun math activity is a copy of the book which you can download for free here and some dot stickers which I purchased at the dollar store.

The math printables in this book contain pages with numbers 1-10 and each number has the word written under it so kids can begin to associate the number with the word.

Kids can go through the book at their own pace and add the appropriate number of dot stickers to each number.

They can check their work when they are done. My daughter added three stickers to the number four and was ready to move on to another page, but when I asked her to count the number of dots she realized that she only had three. We talked about how many more she would need to add to have four dots and she figured out one more would do it.

Peeling off the stickers and placing them on the paper provides fine motor exercise as well.

The number 10 offered some math challenges for the kids. I told them that they needed to divide their ten dots over the two numbers. It was interesting to see how they did this. One of my twins put five dots on each number, while the other put seven dots on the one and three on the zero.

Download the Number Dot math printables here, staple into a book and have some counting fun!
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