Playdough Games: Spring Playdough

Playdough Games: Make Srping play dough for kids by using stuff you already have at home. #play-dough #spring

I am just so excited that Spring is finally here! So are my kids. They love the warmer weather, longer daylight hours, and budding flowers. To capitalize on their excitement for a new season, I created some fun playdough games for them to play by adding some accessories to Spring colored playdough. By adding items you already have at home to ordinary playdough, you can create a variety of playdough games for any season.

You will need:

Spring Playdough Games

The great thing about these kinds of playdough games is that you can use what you have at home to decorate the playdough. Don’t buy anything special for this activity. I just happened to have these items on hand and am using them in a new way.
Play dough add ons
Homemade Playdough

My kids started by rolling out the playdough.

Next, they used the Spring cookie cutters to cut out flowers.

Then it was time to decorate with some jewels.
child playing with play dough

Green pipe cleaners make great stems for flowers!

Pushing in some beads to make our flowers pretty.
playdough ideas

My youngest was very proud of these two butterflies she made. She told me they were holding hands.

Finally, we put all our creations together to create a beautiful Spring garden.
Spring Play Dough Activitiy

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