Tissue Paper Crafts: Square Collage

Tissue Paper Collage - Using tissue paper and glue on canvas kids can create a work of art. #collage #art #kidsart

When I was at the craft store a few weeks ago, I saw these 5×7 canvases, which seemed just the right size for little hands. I had no idea what I was going to make with them, but they came in a three pack and when you have three kids you are more likely to buy something just because it comes in a three pack. Also, I had a 50% off coupon so they were less than $2. They sat in my closet for weeks until I used some tissue paper in another activity and I started thinking about tissue paper crafts we could make in the future. Then it hit me! Why not use the tissue paper on the canvas to make a collage?

You will need:

  • 5×7 canvas
  • Tissue paper in various shapes and colors
  • Scissors
  • Mix of glue and water
  • Brush and cup

Start off by cutting squares of out various colors of tissue paper. I made my squares different sizes to add interest to the finished product. Then I made my glue mixture. Mix equal parts white glue and water in a cup.

collage with tissue paper

I explained to the kids how they would be placing glue on the canvas and sticking on the tissue paper squares. I wanted them to have the freedom to make their collage however they wanted, so I didn’t give them much more instructions than that. I was curious to see what they would come up with.
canvas art for kids

They certainly had different techniques in creating their tissue paper crafts. One daughter spread a layer of glue over the entire canvas and then proceeded to stick on her squares while another daughter glued one square on at a time.

Kids art canvas

And my third daughter worked hard not to overlap her squares.

Tissue paper art project

This was great fine motor practice for my youngest as she carefully lifted each square and placed it exactly where she wanted it on the canvas.

Canvas Art Ideas for Kids
I didn’t know how my three year old would do with this activity, but she was very intent on filling up her entire canvas with squares. She talked about how she used big squares on top and little squares on the bottom.

canvas art for kids rooms
When the kids were finished with their tissue paper crafts, the canvases looked like this.

kids art on canvas

When they were dry, I spread a thin layer of the glue mixture over the top of the tissue paper covered canvas. If you have older kids then they can do this step themselves, but little kids might have a hard time making a thin layer and not tearing the tissue paper. Let this dry overnight.

Now they are ready for framing! I am very pleased with how these came out and the kids are so proud to see their artwork displayed in frames. It really made them feel like artists. Next time you get some tissue paper with a present, save it for some fun tissue paper crafts.
framed kids art
kids wall art
Tissue Paper Crafts

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