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I remember an essay question from a test in High School English.  “Can you ever really go home?”  For the life of me, I cannot remember the book that this essay question related to, but the question has always stuck in my head for all of these years. The first week of Faith’s life was…

The Letterman

Last night Hayden’s tennis team celebrated a victorious season.  Our high school won the conference as well as sectionals, and our top two doubles teams are headed to state this weekend. Hayden was the only freshman on the varsity team.  It had been his goal since beginning the sport and he worked hard to make…

Patriotic Snack

Here is a quick and easy patriotic snack that you can bring to any party. Our red, white and blue patriotic pops come together in minutes and are so simple even a child can make them.

Rocking the boat

I’m a terrible blogger.  School is out for the Summer.  Dakota is an 8th grader, Christian is a 3rd grader and Ava in Kindergarten.  Dakota got a Presidential award For Academic Excellence for having at least a 4.0 gpa all year.  So proud of her! She’s trying to grow up way too fast! She’s auditioning for our…

Bathing Dolls – Water Sensory Play

Faithful Mess For Less readers might notice that my kids look a lot younger in these photos. No, I didn’t acquire some sort of time machine, but I did find these photos of my kids bathing dolls which we did BMFL (before Mess For Less). So prepare to get wet and have some fun bathing dolls…

Does This Rock Climbing Wall Make My Butt Look Big?

(Don’t answer that.) In our continued quest for fun and adventure, my friend Nikki and I went indoor rock climbing. The climbing place was airport hangar-y and filled with climbing walls. Classic rock played loudly and as we got ready we heard both Stairway to Heaven and Freebird so that seemed like a good omen….

Playin’ in the Rain

These pictures are actually from a couple of weeks ago. I completely forgot to post them, but they are so cute, I figured it was better late than never! It was a pretty mild, spring rain on this day. When Noah and B.’s classes got out of Junior Kindergarten, all the other kids left to…

10 Ways to Save on Your Electric Bill

I have recently moved from a small apartment where my utility bill was combined with my rent payment to a large home where my husband and I are fully responsible for every drop of water every degree on the thermostat. While our home isn’t terribly expensive to live in, our utilities are almost a quarter…