Biddy Belly Giveaway (Sponsored)

Hello JM mommies and mommies-to-be!  We have a really great giveaway to tell you about.  Robin Tacchetti, a Physical Therapist and mom of three, created the Biddy Belly, an adorable playmat that helps babies enjoy tummy time.  Tummy time is important for babies as it helps them develop gross motor and cognitive skills, and prepares them for things like rolling, crawling and walking.


Continue reading to find out how to win one of these super cute Biddy Belly tummy time mats.

The Biddy Belly was created by a physical therapist mom after watching all three of her children struggle with ‘tummy time’ when they were babies.  She felt that many of the tummy time mats helped prop the baby up, but did not allow the baby to have their arms and hands in the right position to learn the “pushing up” motion.  Thus, she set out to create a tummy time playmat that not only propped the baby up, but allowed the baby to move their arms and hands in the right anatomical position to push up.


The Biddy Belly has fun interactive toys for the baby to play with including a “crinkle material” nose, squeak and rattle horns, and interchangeable toys at the giraffe’s neck.  Once the baby has mastered tummy time, the Biddy Belly can be used as a regular stuffed animal toy or to sit on.


If you would like to win a Biddy Belly, please leave a comment on this blog post (below) with your favorite feature or benefit of the Biddy Belly. Visit for more information and details about the product. Comments must be posted by noon PST, Monday May 20, 2013. The Biddy Belly Giveaway is open to U.S. Residents only.

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  • I like that the baby can reach and grab the toys on the sides so it feels like playing but it really helping them develop! 🙂

  • I love how it has the sides to keep baby from rolling over so he or she can enjoy’s also really nice for their belly so they can lay on something soft not a hard floor! 🙂

  • I just love it that my baby won’t fall off the belly mat and that he is not going to be lying on the hard floor to develope the belly skills this is the best product ever I’m going to tell all my new mommy friends thanks this is awsome

  • I just love how the baby can interact with the toys wile laying on his tummy and how safe it is on the side then he won’t fall over my son is that age now where he loves to lay on his tummy and play but keep falling over but im loving how the biddy belly will hold him and keep him safe:)

  • I really appreciate that the sides are up so the baby can’t roll out and I absolutely love all the toys at the top to encourage activity. I will definitely be an advocate for the Biddy Belly!!!

  • I love the various colors and options for the baby to look at and play with. I think this was a great idea not only does it give the baby a softer surface it seems more fitted to help with lifting of the head to look at the toys and grab them. I love how it has so many ways it works with the baby as far as grasping and moving to get ahold of the toys that are attached! Great invention all around 🙂

  • I love that this product helps baby be supported with their heads up along with their arms and legs.

  • I love the idea of having sides so the baby is off of the floor but can’t roll off. The giraffe is very cute and the colors and noise makers are a great idea! I also like that the shape promotes proper arm placement for your baby to learn to push themselves up! Looks like a great product and I would love to win one for our baby who’s due in July!

  • I love how cute it is, but for me, having had children with developmental delays, my FAVORITE feature is that the design allows and encourages baby to makes the most of tummy time (pushing up).

  • I absolutely love that this was developed by a physical therapist! My favorite feature is the anatomically correct position for the arms. What a smart way to get baby to learn to use his arms! It’s one of those features that you don’t always see. Anything that helps little one’s development is a plus in my eyes!

  • I love that this mat helps baby to use her/his gross motor skills, and allows them to push up! I also love how there are sides so it prevents baby from falling off the mat. I also really like the different sounds the mat has, the squeaking, crinkling noise.

  • I like multiple aspects of it, but I think my favorite are the attached toys, not only to facilitate developmental play but to keep them from getting pushed too far away for younger babies to reach.

  • I love that the cover is machine washable and that the toys are interchangeable!

  • I like that it has sides and that the toys won’t be too far out of reach.

  • I love this! It seems as though she’s thought of everything! I especially love that the cover can come off to be washed. My babies seem to like to spit up when they’re excited, which I’m sure they would be if they were playing on this!

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    Kayln Robicheaux

    What a great idea! Anything that aids with motor skills and cognitive development and is fun at the same time is a wonderful idea. Love the fact that it is washable.

  • This is so cool! I think the best feature is the fact that baby can use their arms and hands to learn how to push up. I think this would make tummy time much more enjoyable!

  • I love how this allows great muscle development and anatomically allows baby to push up. What a wonderful idea!

  • I love Biddy’s fashionable red scarf!

  • What’s not to love??? This is seriously adorable!!! None of my babies liked tummy time, so maybe the one one the way will with the help of this toy.

  • This seems like it would be so handy. My first baby didn’t like tummy time and developed a flat spot on her head. I just think it’s neat that someone has invented something especially to make tummy time easier since nothing like this was out when my DD1 was a baby.

  • I like that unlike most tummy mats this one is padded so it is soft on a hard floor. I also like that the cover comes off and can be washed!

  • I like that the overall design helps baby use the “correct” form that allows them to push themselves up rather than being propped.

  • This is so cool! I love that its raised with room for the arms to go on the sides so that baby can push up and also the side bolsters that prevent baby from rolling off. Seems like a fun product for baby!

  • I like the cute design, and the fact that babies can play and develop their motor skills at the same time!

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    Christi Strouse

    I love how this has been invented. She HATES tummy time when it’s not benefiting her. She barely moves on tummy time and cries when she gets frustrated, however it has helped her with holding her head up, just the “crawling” aspect isn’t quite there yet, she is however 6.5 months old (7mos on 05/17/13). I think this is a awesome little item that will help all moms. I like how it gives her the benefit of play time, but also strengthens the ability to learn how to move without (hopefully) getting frustrated.

  • I like how versatile it is! It’s nice to have an item that can grow with the baby after he masters tummy time.

  • That’s great! I think the narrow center that allows arms to get down easier is genius. Why make baby work harder to learn to push up? My son hated tummy time and I’m loathe to get into it with my 6 week old because I’m assuming she’ll feel the same.

    I bet young babies love the giraffe print to look at too!

  • I love it! its cute, colorful, love how it is machine washable!!!!! love how it helps babies develop they muscles. could also be used as a cuddle toy after tummy time is over!!!!!! also would help for teething time with the keys and rings.

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    Danielle Lammers

    I like that it will keep baby from rolling over. It will also encourage baby to keep looking up and it will help them develop their neck muscles and arm muscle. Looks like a fun, cute learning “toy”. It will make tummy time a lot simpler.

  • I like the sides that will keep the baby from rolling over 🙂

  • It’s an item that can grow with the baby.The fact that babies can play and develop their motor skills-while still being safely contained & not roll over. I can not wait. Thank you for this offer.

  • What an awesome product. I too love that it provides great support while placing baby in a great position to develop muscles needed to push up….I wish I had one of these with my first

  • I love that it has a gradual incline! Pretty well thought product!

  • I love the adorable giraffe design. A great way to help make tummy time more enjoyable!

  • I love the variety of sensory objects… crinkle… colorful etc.

  • I love the bright colors and placement of the toys. I think my daughter would love this!!!

  • I love that it is machine washable! I also really like that the baby can reach toys as every other similar product seems to have their arms raised funny.

  • I love that the baby will not rollover. Really great product.

  • Adorable! I love the gradual incline and the bumper in the back so baby cant roll out.

  • I LOVE that it’s a giraffe, the colors and the fact that I can change the toys as I please! Prefect! 😀

  • I love the placemat that helps the baby to push up.

  • I love that it helps baby push up in the correct way and that it has side so baby won’t roll off. I also love that it’s cushioned because the other mats don’t protect baby from the hard floor.

  • What a great idea!!! I love that its soft and has attached toys so the baby has something to see and focus on while having tummy time and its such a cute design (giraffe)

  • I think it’s great my baby wouldn’t roll off of this and he can also reach the toys. I believe he would enjoy belly time more if he can get ahold of the toys and he wouldn’t be on the hard floor. He really doesn’t like laying on his belly much and I feel if it was more stimulating for him he would enjoy it more. Plus I know he would love the colors.

  • I love the design.. The babies are on the floor, but not. I can see this being a favorite amongst mommies.

  • My babies always hated tummy time but I love how this helps support them better than other mats and is machine washable.

  • How awesome! I’ve never seen something like this before!

  • Love the toys that attach to the neck of the stuffed animal mat. Makes the mat more fun for the baby!

  • What a wonderful invention! I like how comfortable it looks and also how it can be used beyond a tummy time mat. It is always a shame to me how quickly babies outgrow their tummy time mats, especially for how expensive they are. I’m all for versatility.