Magic School Bus

There was a Mamasource deal a few weeks ago that I spent a lot of time thinking about, and then I bit the bullet and bought it. It was for a discounted 12-month subscription to the Magic School Bus Young Scientist Club, and when I showed it to The Older, he went crazy over it. Since he got moved to the advanced math and science classes he’s gotten more interested in science (the whys and hows, not just the that-looks-cool-now-let-us-move-on). He struggles a bit with the science part, however, so I thought this might be a nice way to work with him over the summer. I’m going to be working on my lesson plans again so I can work on reading comprehension and science, and I am excited to see what the first kit is going to hold so I can try to weave it all together. Can’t wait for the summer to begin!!!

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