Mommy Meme Monday: Mommy Brain Memes That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Remember the days when you had an excellent memory.  If you had an appointment, you didn’t even need to write it down.  But then came motherhood, and an unfortunate side effect of motherhood is a thing called “mommy brain.”  Have you had it?  Check out these laugh-out-loud mommy brain memes to make you chuckle.

See what goes on inside the brain of a mommy.


Why didn’t anyone warn us?


So when you see your water bill has tripled, you’ll know why.


If you’ve ever done this, you might be a mommy.


They tell you how kids will steal your heart, but they forget to mention that they steal your mind too!


If you’re a mom, you’ve surely opened the fridge to find some random thing – like your purse, or your keys, or the remote control – in your refrigerator.  Now, how’d that get there?  Oh yeh, mommy brain strikes again!




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