4 Ingredient AMAZING Honey Mustard Chicken

I’ve never really cared for honey mustard anything. However, we recently had some relatives visit who left us a bottle of mustard, something I didn’t think I would ever use for anything. It stared at me each time I opened the fridge, staying, “Use me! Don’t throw me away! Don’t be a waster~!” and so, eventually, I caved in and discovered this amazingly delicious (and, of course, easy) honey mustard chicken recipe.

My sauce…

*2 chicken breasts
*1/2 cup yellow mustard
*1/2 cup honey
*1/2 cup brown sugar

Step 1: Mix the mustard, honey, and brown sugar together until blended.

Step 2: Sear the chicken breasts on both sides in a frying pan set on medium-high.

About to go in the oven….

Step 3: Pour the honey mustard sauce over the chicken breasts, cover the frying pan with an oven-safe lid/aluminum foil and pop it into the over at 350 for 25-30 minutes or until thoroughly cooked. (Feel free to take your chicken breasts and put them into a baking dish if your frying pan isn’t oven safe)

Step 4: ENJOY! I sered mine with plain white rice and it was amazing. Freakishly delicious.

Bonus: Use the honey mustard sauce as a salad dressing, too! (I made a salad the next day and used this- incredible. I can’t believe I never enjoyed honey mustard before this!)

Mothering Joys
My little girl was crying in her crib, waiting for me to come pick her up. I knocked on her door before I entered and heard her little voice say, ‘Hello?’, though it sounds more like, ‘Hewhoa?’ I opened the door, and though she had tears in her eyes, her face instantly lit up and she started to bounce, with her arms reaching towards me, waiting for me to pick her up. There are few things better than a sweet child who wants nothing more than for you to hold them.

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