At the Fun Fair by Bob Rosenberg

“Last weekend was the Fun Fair. Mom was signed up to volunteer at the skeeball booth. When mom and me got to the skeeball booth, the lady who had been working there saw my mom and said, “Oh, thank God,” like she was really happy to see her. The lady left super fast and then Marcy’s mom, Miss Susan, came to help.”

“They started taking tickets from the people and then the lady in the knock-down-the-clown booth next door asked Miss Susan to watch her booth while she took one of her little kids to the bathroom. And then Mom was by herself for a little while and then the lady came back and said she had to leave because her kid had the diarrhea. Miss Susan was stuck alone in the clown booth and mom was alone at skeeball and there were long lines of people.”

“That’s when I came in and helped Mom and I took over one of the skeeball lanes. I took tickets and kept score and gave out prize tickets and handed out the little animal erasers to the kids when they missed and everything. And I did it the whole time. The balls were going everywhere and kept going off the lanes and under the booth and outside in the alley and we would have to go get them and do it fast. We were sweating from how hot it was outside so dad brought us ice drinks.”

“We worked for two hours and then another new lady came and it was time for us to leave and Mom said, “Oh, thank God.” It was great.

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