How to Make DIY Mod-Podge Decoupage

Mod-Podge decoupage. Crazy useful in numberless home projects and crafts, but it can cost you a pretty penny! I figured out an awesome plan for my plain, boring black coffee table that required a huge amount of mod-podge and I was not prepared to pay for it. Due to my general cheapness, of course. My table will be amazing (pictures to follow), but for now, here is DIY mod-podge. (I cannot lie- once you know how easy it is to make, you will NEVER buy it. Again. Ever.)

*multi-purpose white glue
(the end!)

1. Heat your glue in the microwave until warm and mix it together with boiling water. (ex. two bottles of glue to one bottles worth of water) Stir together until it is an even consistency and pour it into any sealable container (plastic containers, freezer-jam jar, glass jar, etc.). (Extra note: It can be difficult to get the glue out of the bottle, so one thing that can help is to pour half of the glue into your mixing bowl and then add some of your boiling water into the half-full bottle, put the lid back on it, shake it vigorously, and then pour the contents out.)

Look! All done. So easy.

2. The end! Did I tell it was easy? Store it at room temperature and keep a foam paintbrush next to the jar and you’ll be ready to apply it to all of your many craft projects. Hooray!

(Didn’t I tell you it was easy?)

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