Random Train

Last weekend Rob and I took the three kids who were at home with us (Hayden, Kellan and Riss) to the local forest preserve to look for morel mushrooms (Hayden as you can imagine, was thrilled!)

We didn’t find any mushrooms at the park, but on our way home we meandered through some of the back roads and found a train!  A local company has an entire engine and passenger car (fully furnished just the way it looked back in the olden days!!) parked right on some old tracks right on their property.

Too bad it was all locked up because the interior was so fancy and nostalgic!  I wonder if they let people go look inside during regular business hours?  It would probably be weird to just show up one morning and say, “Hey!  Mind if me and my kids get on board your train?”, but I sure would like to!

Tucked back there in the middle of the forest right before sunset with deer grazing all around, a gigantic train (even one with locked doors) is pretty magical!

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