Daily Archives July 9, 2013

Other women’s babies

It’s interesting how a picture can take you right back to the emotion of the moment it was taken in.  I was looking at old pictures a while back, trying to find pictures of me and my youngest sister (long story).  And I came across some pictures of me after Cora was born, but before…

Rock Star Kids

This is Thomas’s all-time favorite toy at the daycare: the guitar that’s far too big for him. Actually, it’s too big for most of the kids. It’s often inadvertently used as a weapon when a child is carrying it from place to place; even more so during a ‘turn around’. I’ve thought of just putting it away for a…

My two little Bears

I don’t know how, but Baby Bear is ALREADY in love with boys!  You can tell by the way that she is squealing and giggling who she is talking to (she has a crush on certain boys that we know). How do little kids learn how to flirt and have crushes? My two little Bears Baby Bear…