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“Mom, did you know I can think underwater now?” “Is that something new?’ “Sort of.” “What do you think about when you’re underwater?” “A lot of things. Everything.” “Like what?” “Mom, stop trying to get at my secrets.”

Sophie’s Journey

This is our friend Sophia.  She has been a long time friend of Haven’s and we love her family dearly.  Lately Sophia has been struggling with getting help from doctors and has been waiting to start treatment.  I have included a note from her mom below and there is a link to her Facebook page….

5 Reasons to be a Stay at Home Mom

My day today was enjoyable, albeit a little nuts. I have two children myself, a toddler and a newborn, but today, I had over two nieces, one nephew, and two neighbor kids (for a grand total of seven kids ages ranging from 2 weeks to 9 years). We swam and played in the water outside,…