Now He Is Seven

Bob had two requests for his birthday. He asked that we have the party at the indoor playground at the mall, and he asked that we have a theme. At first he thought he would like the theme to be his favorite show, “Sponge Bob Square Pants.” After much consideration he finally decided the theme should be his favorite band, Black Sabbath. Related: There is no Black Sabbath aisle at Party City.

Bob helped put together a playlist of his favorite songs to make into CDs for party favors. Bob’s musical tastes lean heavy into the 1978.

Bob’s godmother also made these rad chocolate guitars to give out.

Kids arrived and did things in this thing.

Party Room B was decorated.

The cupcakes were unpacked.

Mr. Rosenberg and his friend, Mr. Kwong, donned wigs and played “Iron Man” and “Happy Birthday.” Party Room B has never rocked so hard.

No, that’s actually not Howard Stern, but rather a quite fetching Mr. Rosenberg.

A number seven candle was blown out by the birthday boy.

Bob said it was his best party ever. And I didn’t even have to wear my Princess Leia costume.

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