Parenting Tips to Get You Through the Summer

Summer is here! It is wonderful having the kids around more, but that can sometimes lead to arguments and tension. It can take some adjusting for everyone to get used to being together again. I thought the end of the school year would be a great time to share some parenting tips to get you through the summer. Whether you have older kids, home from elementary school, or younger ones on vacation from preschool or daycare, the tips here will hopefully give you some strategies to live together peacefully during the next few months.

10 Ways to Stop a Tantrum
This has been our most popular parenting post. I think everyone can relate. My twins are almost 5 and they still have tantrums so I imagine I’ll be using these tips for some time to come.
10 Ways to Stop a Tantrum, what are tantrums
The first post was so popular, it spawned a second one, cleverly titled 10 More Ways to Stop a Tantrum. It’s amazing I’m not writing headlines for a living, isn’t it? This post includes tips from the readers. I am so impressed with how smart you all are!

Teach Children to Enjoy Simple Pleasures
With summer vacation comes the inevitable cry of “I’m bored.” I don’t think being bored is a bad thing. Here are some ways to teach children to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life.
14 Ways to teach Children to Enjoy Simple Pleasures, #parenting

Summer can be a time where arguments multiply simply because kids are spending a lot more time together than they do during the school year. I was constantly refereeing bickering between my girls and it was exhausting me until I learned to let them try to resolve it themselves. Could this work for you? Letting Kids Work it Out will explain how to get out of the middle.
10 Tips for Surviving the Terrible Twos
You may have an older child home on summer vacation while you are dealing with a very challenging two year old. It can be difficult to manage the emotional needs of both children. Here are some ideas to help you with that toddler that wants to run your house.
10 Tips for Surviving the Terrible Twos - Advice to get through this rough year. #parenting #toddlers
Helping the Shy Child Prepare for Kindergarten
Finally, if you have a child starting Kindergarten in the Fall, they may be a little anxious. Here are some strategies for helping them get over their anxiety and feel more comfortable socially.
Social and Emotional Skills for Kindergarten - Get Ready for K Through Play series. Find out what you can do to help a "shy" child prepare for Kindergarten.
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