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Children learn basic math concepts from fun math games you can make with Post Its.
Welcome to week 4 of Get Ready for K Through Play! If you have been following along for the past few weeks, then you know that this is an 8 week series with some of my favorite bloggers that will give you all the tools you need to prepare your child for Kindergarten in fun, hands-on ways. We will focus on a different Kindergarten readiness skill each week. This week we are focusing on Math Concepts that your child will need child in Kindergarten. I will be sharing math games using post-it notes.

I wanted to create some math games for my kids that would be fun, cover topics they will be learning about in Kindergarten, and use items that we already had at home. These post-it math games fulfill all of those criteria. Kids will be practicing their patterning and numerical order skills, two math concepts taught in Kindergarten.

These math games are very simple to set up. You just need some post-its in different colors. I had four different colors I used which gave us a lot of options for creating patterns. If you don’t have some colorful post-its lying around, you can cut up some construction paper squares in various colors and play along as well.

I started out with four colors of post-its – pink, green, blue and yellow. We started off with an AB pattern where two colors alternated. I let my daughter pick the colors to make the pattern and she picked yellow and green.

She picked up on the concept pretty quickly and made a long line of pink and yellow.

We moved on to a more complicated pattern AABB where we repeated two blue and two pink post its.

The kids were having so much fun that even my youngest wanted to get in on the act. Of course she wanted to try the hardest pattern AAB where we alternated two yellow and one blue. She was getting confused at times, but luckily her big sisters were there to help her out.

Patterns, patterns everywhere! There are so many different patterns you can create from the post-it notes. I recommend starting out with a simple pattern and increasing the difficulty each turn.

The next math game we played with the post-its was to practice numerical order. Write the numbers 1-20 on twenty post its and place them in a line out of order.

Ask your child to start with the number 1 and place the numbers in the correct order.

My 3.5 year old wanted to play as well, but had trouble once she got in the double digits. Luckily her twin sisters, who are almost 5, helped her to find the correct number.

They were so proud when they completed their number line. To extend this activity (if your child is ready), you can work on counting by 10s. Write the numbers 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 on post-its and have your child place them in the correct order.

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