Rock Star Kids

This is Thomas’s all-time favorite toy at the daycare: the guitar that’s far too big for him. Actually, it’s too big for most of the kids. It’s often inadvertently used as a weapon when a child is carrying it from place to place; even more so during a ‘turn around’. I’ve thought of just putting it away for a while, but I can’t bear to break Thomas’s heart like this. Also, I don’t think he would easily forget the guitar, and I would have to deal with a toddler’s post-traumatic stress, probably for weeks. And since kids obviously have 100 times the stamina we do, I’d end up giving in, in the end.

Lately he likes to sing “Twinkle Twinkle” and “Yellow Submarine”. Because of his obsession with the guitar, I’m convinced he’s going to be a rock star one day. And he’s a total charmer, so he could work the crowd no problem!

Oscar requested to paint one day, and this is the beautiful artwork he and Thomas produced. Actually, this was Thomas’s first ever time painting, on paper (he did colour an Easter egg) at the daycare. It looks like a rainbow to me!

When Noah goes to speech therapy two afternoons a week, I work on literacy with B. Usually we read books, but recently he had the fun task of matching all the lower case alphabet cards with the uppercase cards. He liked this activity a lot since he’s someone who likes to keep moving!

Another day, the three wee ones and I used other alphabet cards in the hallway. Once they had helped me put them all up, we sang the alphabet song – the best part!

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