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Verde Chicken Enchilada Cups

One of my least favorite times of the day is about an hour before dinner when I racking my brain trying to come up with what to make that night. I’m sure you can relate. I am just beat at the end of the day and the thought of staring endlessly into my freezer is…

Smither’s Birth Plan-ish

Because. You know. All the cool blogging moms have birth plans. Here was my official Birth Plan as of 35 weeks, and by “official” I mean that I made my doctor type it into my chart this way. 1. Healthy Baby 2. No Magnesium Sulfate 3. Get Baby Out Not what you expected? Let me…

Mommy Meme Monday: Funniest Toddler Memes

Mommy Meme Monday:  Funniest Toddler Memes

Toddlers are funny little people, so we decided to make this week’s memes all about them. Do you want to know if it belongs to you or your toddler? See rules of possession below.


“Sergeant Desmond, Captain Felix, report to the command center. Repeat. Report to the commander center.” “Bob, where is the command center, again?” “It’s by the police station.” “Over there?” “The tree. The tree is the command center. Please report to the tree.”

Mud Play

We have been spending more time outdoors as the weather has been getting warmer. Recently, we played with our Garden Sensory Bin. One of the things I have enjoyed about it is that it is very easy to change up the bin and create a new sensory experience for kids. Here, we added water to…

What You Talking About?

Thought I would do an update on Eliada’s Speech Therapy! She started going to Speech therapy, two years ago, but it wasn’t going very well. She was a little over three years old and Daddy could not understand her. I could of course and so did Yvette, her older sister. Anywho, my husband would take…


“Hey, Bob. I was mining under that big rock in my backyard and I was like ‘brrrrrrreat brrrrrreat.” “You mean like ‘goooooj gooooj?’ Like that, Felix?’ “It was more of a ‘rerererererer.” “Did you find anything?” “I hit something hard. I think it was a rock or maybe… an underground hidden city.” “Yeah. That’s cool….

Shaving Cream and Water Bead Cupcakes

We love water beads in our house. These squishy beads are the perfect sensory material. In the past we have played with frozen water beads and engaged in creative play with water beads. Today, we combined them with shaving cream and yummy scents to make pretend cupcakes.

Take indoor activities OUTSIDE!

Baby Bear LOVES to color, so since it was so nice outside, we just decided to take it outdoors! This is outside my parents new house (lake views from both sides of the house! Incredible!) An easel is such an easy way to color outside and still be active. Since we were helping my parents…

Meet Spark

It’s a terrible picture taken through the smudged side of the hospital bassinet — but here is our newest addition. We are home and doing well — definitely adjusting to our new family of four. In See Teacher Run Land, she will forever be known as Spark Taco(I don’t need any students finding this blog!),…