Breaking Down Barriers


Bit by bit, we are learning how to communicate at a level that truly amazes me with Danny. As his reading grows, he is becoming empowered… He needs to work on writing still, but come on, he’s only 5… The stuff we are seeing now really makes me believe he will be fully communicative with an assisting device in time.

Until then, our house is becoming full of white boards, chalk boards, and scraps of paper.


Today, it was the bath. I put him in and he just wanted to stand and cry in the corner. “All done bath! I want all done bath!” Usually he’s fine with the bath these days, so it threw me off. I did a quick clean on him, he refused to help, and once he was out and dressed I asked him to come over to the board. I read the question and handed him the pen, and he answered.

Months ago, I would have been left in the dark. Now, he can tell me. I asked him if he could tell me what he was scared of, and he looked at me sadly. “No.” So I started asking questions, yes or no, and a few in I found it: “Was it scary because of the new shower in the bath?” “Yes!”

Change is scary, I know this – I had anticipated, for instance, him struggling when we got the new car – but I never even thought of something as small as a shower head. Not sure what I’m going to do other than power through and take it slow until he gets used to it.

Of course, that makes me feel all sorts of great about him going to a new school with a new schedule and new teachers in 3 weeks.

Any advice on how to get him ready?

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