Getting into the Summer Goove

I moved my girls up to summer camp with me for the summer.  I was always so jealous of the kids at the camp where I grew up getting to be at camp ALL summer.  When I was given the incredible opportunity to open a brand new art center, my husband agreed to let me take the girls while he stayed home. I spent 6 months planning (I know EXACTLY how much time since I can measure it in Mini months!).

It is really hard being without Mr. BBH for the summer. We do get to go home once a week for a day off to see him though.  It is also really challenging to figure out a new routine for the bears and I to get in a groove.  I have a staff of 9 and a brand new program to set up, but I am trying to take it day by day.  I will post the projects that we are making and lots of stories from the summer.

Did you go to summer camp? What was your favorite activity?

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