Mud Play

Mud Play - A great sensory and imaginative experience

We have been spending more time outdoors as the weather has been getting warmer. Recently, we played with our Garden Sensory Bin. One of the things I have enjoyed about it is that it is very easy to change up the bin and create a new sensory experience for kids. Here, we added water to our soil for some fun mud play. Kids love exploring with soil and water, and mud play is a perfect way to stimulate their natural curiosity.

You will need:

  • Bin filled with soil
  • Buckets
  • Shovels
  • Water
  • Sand toys
  • Small toys (we used frogs)

mud exploration

I let my daughters create the mud themselves by adding water to the bin of dirt. They would pour a bit of water and see if the dirt was the consistency they wanted. When it wasn’t, they would add more water.

Making mud

When my daughter was satisfied with the mud, she added some toy frogs and stirred them up. This is really a great workout for kids as it takes a bit of muscle to stir the mud.
Playing with mud

Next, she added some mud to a bucket and decided to see what would happen if she added even more water to it.

playing in the mud

Time to add some frogs for some “frog soup.”

sensory mud play

Scooping up lunch!

The great thing about setting up a mud play area like this is that it is very open ended. Kids get to explore on their terms. They get to hypothesize about what will happen when they add a certain amount of water to the dirt and then test their hypothesis. The mud provides a sensory experience as well as an opportunity for children to stretch their imaginations as they create play scenarios using the mud. Not bad for some dirt and water!

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