What You Talking About?

Thought I would do an update on Eliada’s Speech Therapy! She started going to Speech therapy, two years ago, but it wasn’t going very well. She was a little over three years old and Daddy could not understand her. I could of course and so did Yvette, her older sister. Anywho, my husband would take her and he would never bring back homework or tips for us or really know what they were saying. They didn’t allow him to go into the room with them. I had to stay home and pick up Yvette from school and help her with her homework and start dinner. I so wanted to go. So, we stopped taking her.  She went for six months and we did not see any improvement!

She has now been going to a new location and she LOVES it! I have been taking her twice a week for the past three months and she has improved tremendously! Just watch some of the videos. You may not see it, but she has added so many more words to her vocabulary. From the very beginning, the first evaluation, I was happy with what I learned. And yes, was now able to take her. Hubby started college, and I had to tug and pull to get a time slot that would work for us!

Eliada was diagnosed with Phonological Disorder. It’s clearly explained on Mommy Speech Therapy’s website/blog. She has at least five of them. And her Speech Therapist, Elizabeth is awesome! She gives her (and me) homework and flash cards almost every visit. We do only visit twice a week, but it seems to have been enough. Right now we are working on adding words with several consonants and she’s starting to have a little trouble again, but she’ll get it.

But guess what?! Her therapist is going to be leaving the practice. So tomorrow she is going to be introducing her to her new therapist and I hope it goes well. She is a shy girl when it comes to new people. She painted her teacher a picture with Tinker Bell, which is one of her favorite characters. So, wish her and me luck!

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