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10 Favorite After School Snacks

My kids start school next week after a busy day of learning and playing, I know they will be arriving home hungry. So I have gone through the Mess For Less chronicles and pulled up some our favorite after school snacks. The kids enjoyed making these family friendly recipes with me almost as much as…


“Dad how do helicopters fly?” “Well, they have an engine that makes the big propeller on top go around very fast, so fast that the propeller pushes down the air forcing the helicopter up.” “Mom how do planes fly?” “Um… magic?” “Mom.” “Ask your dad.”

Sugar Cone Snack

Do your kids come home from school hungry and you struggle to give them a healthy, yummy snack? I know when I was younger my mom did. She would end up having us eat Doritos or Cheetos and that was it. We never really grew up eating very healthy snacks. It’€™s only as I’ve gotten…

Little Coach

“… and then my sister Laura saved my life by pulling me into the part of the water that wasn’t so deep. I could have died, Bob.” “But why didn’t you just freestyle out of there?” “I couldn’t swim. I still can’t.” “Danny, I’ve got an idea. I can swim. We can go to the…


One of our new favorite activities is peeking through the window at the construction site, at Pacific and Bloor. We push the wagon up to the wall, and hold it steady, while the kids climb up and get an amazing view of trucks at work. I have to admit (whether it’s right or wrong to…