Baby Products I Love

I have been thinking lately about how when I was pregnant I wish I had someone tell me what they loved and used for their newborn/infant. There are some things I bought Rylie that we don’t even use (uhm, bassinet, crib!) and stuff that we use every day (rock and play, pack and play) so I figured I would give you a list of top 5 baby products I LOVE.


1. Pack and Play. We use ours as the downstairs changing table. I have a basket inside that holds the diapers and wipes. It’s a great system for us because we have two floors in our house, and if I’m downstairs I don’t want to walk upstairs just to change her. I also keep a spare onesie down here as well in case of blowouts (hey, they happen!).

2. Rock and Play. I didn’t buy this until she was 2 months old and I kicked myself for not getting it earlier. It’s a great place to sit her down in when I need to run to the bathroom really quick or if I need her to sit by herself for a few minutes so I can bring in groceries, etc. She’ll also occasionally take naps in it too which is helpful.

3. Sophie the Giraffe. I know, why all the hype over a chew toy that is SO EXPENSIVE? I dunno, but I do know she LOVES Sophie and loves to gnaw on her legs so I figure it’s money well spent. If you don’t want to spend the money on Sophie there are some less expensive choices out there at Target.

4. Baby Swing. Strategically placed in the bathroom no less. Why? Because I can get my shower in the morning if she’s in the swing in the bathroom. Plus when I need to get ready in the morning to go somewhere she can see me while I’m getting ready which usually keeps her pretty calm. One thing I will tell you I wish I would have known…make sure your swing plugs in!!!! I buy a ton of C batteries because we didn’t buy one that plugs in. Spend the extra money….trust me. As a side note, I have no idea what I’m going to do for showers once she outgrows the swing!

5. Sleep Genius Baby. Ok it’s not a physical baby product, it’s an app. It’s a GREAT app! It plays lullabies for nap times and continuously overnight. I’ve found it really helps Rylie calm down and go to sleep. They claim it can help baby sleep longer too but I haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing that. LOL. It’s great as white noise and it only costs $4.99.

Are there any baby items that you couldn’t live without? Share it in the comments!

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