Black Glue and Watercolor Pumpkins

Black Glue and Watercolor Pumpkins - Mix black paint with white glue to make these fun pumpkins.

It’s time for another installment of Paint and Play, a series I am doing with Crystal from Growing a Jeweled Rose and Tammy from Housing a Forest. In Paint and Play, we share ideas for having fun with paint. The challenge this week was to use glue and paint to create some art. We made Black Glue and Watercolor Pumpkins. In the past we have made Fall Leaves Using Black Glue and a Black Glue and Salt Watercolor Rainbow. Black glue is fun medium to work with that is created by mixing black paint with white glue.

You will need:

  • Black paint
  • White glue
  • Watercolor paint and brush
  • Water
  • White and colored construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape

how to make black glue

To make black glue, empty a glue bottle so it is only half full. Add some squirts of black paint. Use enough black paint to fill up an additional quarter of the glue bottle. Shake the mixture until it is combined and all you can see is black glue.

Use the black glue to draw your pumpkins on a thick piece of white paper. I found that white construction paper worked well. The black glue will take a while to dry. I made mine at 9:30 in the morning and it was dry by 4PM. When the pumpkin designs are dry, you will notice that the glue had a hard raised texture that will really stand out when you add paint.

black glue pumpkins

When the black glue is dry, you can start painting with the watercolors.

painting a watercolor pumpkin

I had these visions that my kids would paint orange jack o’lanterns with a green stem. You know, your typical looking pumpkin. One of my daughters did make a pumpkin just like I imagined.

painting a watercolor pumpkin

My other kids however, decided to do their own thing.
black glue pumkins

So we ended up with colorful pumpkins with black stripes.
black glue pumpkins

And a rainbow patterned pumpkin.
halloween art

I didn’t say anything as they painted their unconventional black glue pumpkins, as I wanted to stress process over product. The kids were enjoying using their creativity and painting their pumpkins in their favorite colors. Who was I to let my narrow view of what a jack o’lantern should look like stand in the way?
halloween pumpkins

Didn’t they turn out beautiful?

black glue watercolor pumpkin

The black glue creates a stained glass effect. To make the pumpkins stand out even more, cut them out and glue them on to a piece of colored construction paper.
Halloween jack o'lantern Widgets

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