Early Fall

One day Thomas asked, “Can we go to High Park today?” I said, “No, we’re not going there today.” He paused, and then said, “Tomorrow? Can we go tomorrow?” This caught me off guard. He has grown! This a new stage in his development and shows more complex thinking.

We went to High Park the next day.

Amadea fell asleep in the wagon again. Leila requested to go back into the little red wagon, have some snacks, and watch her friends play. Noah and Riley played “restaurant” on the playground. This has got to be Noah’s all-time favourite pretend play scenario.

When Amadea woke up, she and I joined Noah and Riley on the playground, while Leila and Tom had a ride in the swings.

Riley, Amadea and I were seated at a “table” at the pretend restaurant, which overlooked the north end of the playground. It was divine. We ordered food from Noah, the waiter, and watched the babes in the swings.

Riley is really helping to make Amadea feel comfortable at the daycare. Here she is giving her one of many hugs. She finds delight in interacting with Amadea, and often exclaims, “Charla, she likes me!”

Here are some rainy day pictures. I have decided that rainy day play, or mucky play, is my favourite thing to take pictures of.

Amadea was very interested in playing in the muck. In fact, she wanted to crawl right into the middle of the mud puddle. I figure at this age, she’s better on the beach.

Thomas had such a great time doing his notorious jumps. I had to send him to one of the smaller, less populated puddles, lest he splash mud into his friends’ eyes.

Noah is not tempted by the muck, though he seems to enjoy watching the others play in it. He happily dances around them, doing his little song and dance. Leila’s a little unsure at this point. If my children do not like the mud, they do not take after me! I was busy helping Riley make a mud stew, with mud, water, leaves, grass and rocks. Man, it’s great to be a kid!

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