First Negative Babywearing Experience


Emeibaby Bunt SSC

I was at Safeway a while back getting groceries (I usually don’t shop there but I had a coupon and it was military monday) and had Rylie in my buckle carrier (Emeibaby Bunt). I use that carrier for grocery trips because Miss Rylie loves to lean in a regular wrap/sling and I feel more comfortable having her in an SSC while shopping. So anyways, about halfway through my shopping trip she falls asleep like she usually does and I go about my business getting the last of my groceries and head to the cashier. As I get up to the front this older lady (she was probably about 70-ish) yells “Oooooh can I see?!” to which I respond “Well she’s sleeping…” but I turn so she can get a look at her. The lady gets this horrified expression on her face and say “Oh the strap is cutting into her lip! She must be uncomfortable, here let me move it!” and tries touching the strap. I back up and tell her “It’s ok, it doesn’t need to be moved.” She then looks at me and says “Are you sure, I can help you move it…” and tries touching it again. I back up further and say “Really, it’s ok. She’s asleep and likes to suck on the strap.” She then gives me this really rude look and says “Well, ok. I know I wouldn’t be comfortable like that. Good luck to you.” and walks away.

I know that she was trying to be helpful, but don’t touch me or Rylie. I don’t know you, you don’t know me. My baby is perfectly fine and is literally passed out because she’s comfy. If she wasn’t comfy she would cry and let me know. It’s not ok for you to come up and get all up in my bubble. I haven’t had many people do that to me, but it seems like the older generations really wants to touch the baby for some reason. You would think the carrier would help prevent that touching, but oooooh no. Not with them. They will get up in your face, and babies face, and oooh and aaaah and try to touch the cheeks, etc. I need to put a sign on my carrier that says “DON’T TOUCH MY BABY”.

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