I’m gonna pop some tags….

My kids joke that the song “Thrift Shop” was written just for me.  If it wasn’t, it should have been, because you know I love me a good thrift store.

Since Halloween is around the corner and some of us are still trying to assemble costumes, I forced the entire family to hit our local “Savers”.  There was the requisite moping of course, so I tried to liven the situation while Rob combed the racks for costume ideas.

I would count to five at which time every kid had to hold up the ugliest shirt they could find.  The winner took a dollar.  I really wish I could have run the game and my camera at the same time.  Weston had quite the knack for picking winners.  After only two rounds we were all doubled over with laughter.  At the end, Weston came out $6.00 richer.

While we played, Rob found this:

This did NOT come home with us.

At the end, I got burned by my own t-shirt game.  The boys snuck one of the winning shirts into our purchase pile and BOTH of them took turns wearing it to school.  Mortifying!  But thank goodness it wasn’t one of the more horrifying ones.

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