Packing Peanuts Play

Packing Peanut Play - Packing peanuts make a great frugal play material. Kids can explore them and use them with different materials for fun and play.

I received a package last week that contained an extraordinary amount of packing peanuts. I knew I couldn’t just throw them out, so I tried to think of some creative ways to use them in play. I am all about creating simple play experiences for kids and since I am frugal, I love using things that are free or cheap. Kids can learn, play and be entertained by items you already have around the house. So don’t throw out those packing peanuts, instead use them to add a new spin to play time.

You will need:

  • Packing peanuts
  • Straws
  • Water table or bin

packing peanuts and straws

I wanted the play to be open ended so I dumped the entire box of packing peanuts in the water table and let the girls have at it. These are not the packing peanuts that melt in water. Those would make an interesting play material as well. I didn’t add the straws because I wanted the kids to just explore the packing peanuts in the water at first.

packing peanuts in water

They noticed how the packing peanuts floated and how they could be squished and torn.

water play with packing peanuts

They found some buckets and filled them with the packing peanuts. My daughter noticed that the bucket still felt light even when filled with peanuts.

sensory water play

Next, I placed some straws in the table along with the packing peanuts. My daughters started trying to poke the packing peanuts through the straws and trying to get them to float like a boat.

packing peanuts and straws

When stacked on a straw, my daughter thought they resembled a lollipop.

packing peanut fun

I would love to hear about your creative uses for packing peanuts. Please leave me a comment below.

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