Scented Shaving Cream Pumpkin Pie

Scented Shaving Cream Pumpkin Pie - This fall sensory activity allows kids to create a play pumpkin pie using sand and shaving cream.

I am so excited to be starting a new series, Fall into Sensory PLAY, with Crystal from Growing a Jeweled Rose! Over the next two weeks on Mondays and Thursdays we will sharing fun ideas for Fall themed sensory play. Today we both came up with a hands-on pumpkin themed activity. My kids made pumpkin pie, but not like any you’ve had before. You see, our Scented Shaving Cream Pumpkin Pie isn’t edible but it smells yummy and little ones will love creating it. When you are done here head over to Growing a Jeweled Rose and get your hands dirty with their Pumpkin Slime Play Recipe.

You will need:

If you would like to purchase the supplies we used for this project, affiliate links have been provided for your convenience.

Sensory pie

You will want your kids to wear their play clothes for this activity as it will get messy! We got shaving cream all over our hands and shirts.

Start out by filling a bowl with shaving cream. We made three pies so we needed quite a bit. You won’t need this much if you are just making one pie.

Fall into sensory play

Add some orange food coloring. For our giant bowl of shaving cream we used 1/4 of a container of orange gel food coloring. Mix until you get a dark orange.

making shaving cream pumpkin pie

You will want to turn the shaving cream into more of a brownish color so add some red and blue food coloring and stir to mix.

Pumpkin pie shaving cream

Now it’s take to take it up a notch and make this smell like a pumpkin pie! This requires a lot of pumpkin pie spice. Even unscented shaving cream has a scent, so in order to overpower that, you will want to mix in lots of pumpkin pie spice.

sensory fall activity

We kept adding and mixing until the shaving cream smelled like pumpkin pie.

scented pie

After the shaving cream mixture is ready, you can start making your pie. We used an aluminum pie tin and some wet sand for this step. Have your child scoop the wet sand into the pan and smooth it out to make a crust. My kids tried to push some wet sand against the sides too.

making sand pies

Now it’s time to add the “pie filling.” We scooped ours into the pie plate and spread it around using a small spatula. You child can also do this with their hands. The food coloring will color their hands, but ours came off after just a few washings.

Pumpkin pie made from shaving cream

My daughter smooths out her pie and makes sure the shaving cream is all spread out.

Scented Shaving Cream Pumpkin Pie - This fall sensory activity allows kids to create a play pumpkin pie using sand and shaving cream.

Pie anyone? These pies smelled so good and even looked similar to a pumpkin pie. The kids were thrilled with how they turned out.

Fun sensory play for fall

They decided to set up a restaurant and start serving each other the pies. I just love how this sensory activity inspired pretend play!

play pie

The kids played for a long time ordering pies, serving them, taking them away and of course smelling them!

Fall sensory fun

Now head over to Growing a Jeweled Rose to see how they made and played with Pumpkin Slime.


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