TMB – Weight Loss Journal- Week 1

Welcome to Week 1 of my weight loss journal! I have been working out for the past two weeks but just joined a weight loss challenge hosted by Lee on Youtube. Go check his channel out, he’s a great guy.

So, not really how how this challenge is gonna work, but this is just a blub with my stats and how I did this week exercise wise!

Starting Weight: 189
Goal Weight: 170
Monday’s Weight: 185.8
Today’s Weight: 183.8

Waist: 41.5
Hips: 48
Arms: 12.5
Legs: 23.5

Exercise routine: I’m doing the Sparkle People 28-day Bootcamp Challenge (M-F) and C25k!

I did the bootcamp workouts every afternoon when Annaleah was taking her nap and c25k in the evening before or after dinner (if it wasn’t too late), but I skipped two days this week! So I’m just going to make up those days this weekend, hopefully!

Here are some clips I took during the week! Be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel to see some weight-loss exercising (maybe) and other vlogs 🙂

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