Toddler DIY – Halloween Rolly Monsters

Welcome to another week of Toddler DIY! I started these posts two weeks ago and there are more to come! Each Thursday (hopefully) I will share a craft, project, art, recipe that Eliada, my 4 year old practically created herself! We do lots of things together.  We hardly leave each others side, and with this post we will share some of them with ya’ll. Head on over to my Youtube channel, where I will be sharing a few clips of the project and then come back to the blog to see the materials and instructions on how to recreate it yourself!

Guys!!! It’s already the middle of October! It’s almost become tradition that we buy our pumpkin on the 15th. Ya know, half way through October and it’s also not too long that our pumpkin starts to implode and turn odd colors. It was our 4 year old that reminded us and told us today in the morning that “We need to go to HBB!” Which is what she calls HEB (our local grocery store), “to go buy our pumpkin!” So today after school we went to go buy it. It is a great one to. So, that got me thinking and thought I’d do a Halloween craft with Eliada today.

We do crafts about 3-4 times a week and a few weeks ago I started a new series, “DIY Toddler.” Since Eliada is now 4 and in school (half day program) that she can take control of most of the craft now. So, I thought I’d show ya’ll what we do a few times a week. I usually save items that we can repurpose in crafts, so I had some bath tissue rolls stacked up under the sink, so I went on Pinterest and got some great ideas. Check out the video and instructions below to recreate this craft at home! It’s a great family craft too!


What you’ll need:

An imagination
Toilet Paper Rolls (or paper towel rolls)

Tissue/Construction paper (any color)
Paint brush
Yarn/tulle (optional) or other craft accessories
Clothes pin and cotton-ball

Newspaper (to cover your area)

Directions (for bat)

  1. Start out by using your imagination and write down or draw what you will be creating. Whether it be monsters, characters or Halloween theme.
  2. Next, paint first, that way it has time to dry while cutting out other parts. Paint the toilet roll black. (we drizzled a line of black paint and used our mock paint brush (clothes pin and cotton ball). Hold the inside of the roll is a easy way to not touch the paint. Stand it up to dry in a well ventilated area. **If you don’t want to use paint, you can just cover the roll with black construction paper**
  3. Use black construction paper and trace your child’s hand (will be the bat wings) and cut. Also cut out two triangles to use as the bat ears.
  4. Glue the two hands together and set aside to dry.
  5. Check to see if the paint is dry. When it’s dry, glue the wings to the roll (more towards the top if you will be standing it up; or in the middle if your bat will be hanging).
  6. DECORATE, add eyes and fangs to your bat.
  7. DONE! Role play! These Rolly pals can be great in play or for decoration (hanging outside or indoors). ENJOY!

Here is Eliada playing with her bat right before bed. She named her Mavis! Who can guess what movie that is from?! I thought it was super cute!

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