Toddler DIY – Over the Rainbow

Welcome to DIY Toddler… name is still in the works so please leave a comment with any suggestions that you have. We are always doing crafts and little things, even cooking together and I might have a little more time to blog about it so that’s the idea till the holidays.

A few days ago Eliada brought home from school, yeah, she started Pre-Kinder this year, a letter about Grandparents Day and that they were to invite their grandparents to eat lunch with them next week. So, she came up with the idea to make a card. I put the “rainbow” idea together and that’s just what we did.

While Eliada was still in bed this morning, I got her art bin and filled it with all the things we might need…

Over the Rainbow Card:


Paper (Construction or printer paper), we used what we had on hand
Tissue paper
Glue (we used a glue stick)
Colors or paint would work too
Clothes pins with cotton balls (or paint brush)
Cotton Balls

She woke up, I made her her favorite breakfast, “Daddy’s Cereal!” lol It’s just a sugary cereal that her daddy buys like once a year! Some days I give her a cup with cereal and milk, instead of a bowl because it seems like I give her more cereal (a little mom secret)! I was telling her if she remembers that next week Grandma will go eat lunch with her and she started rambling about it. I guess her teacher was telling them about it and getting them excited. I suppose they are going to be doing crafts and activities as well.

Once she was done with breakfast we did our daily routine of brushing our teeth, reading a book, etc. I showed her everything that I had gotten together and she was beyond excited. A friend of my husband is a truck driver and he stopped by because he had his trailer her while he was running some errands and he said he was going to bring us some breakfast tacos. As he was leaving the power went out. Our home doesn’t have many windows and it was cloudy outside. So, we decided to go ahead and go outside!

Check out the video below to see how it went!


First get everything covered, when dealing with paint, or colors, put on your art smock and get everything ready. Our paint brushes were still soaking to get cleaned/washed, so we used cotton balls and clothes pins as our paint brush. We cut out strips of tissue paper and then we were ready!

  1. Get a white color and draw out where you are going to place the rainbow and clouds.
  2. Write out your message “Happy Grandparents Day!”
  3. Measure (where you outlined your rainbow) and cut your rainbow strips
  4. Twist your rainbow colors
  5. Place your glue or rub your glue stick all around the rainbow area
  6. Glue your rainbow strips
  7. Glue on your Clouds
  8. Make it your own, add stickers, stick figures, smile faces, hearts, etc

I hope you enjoyed this craft!

I hope ya’ll have a great weekend and Happy Grandparents Day!

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