Small Win: My First Run After Pushing a Bowling Ball Out of My Lady Parts

Or “I think the hardest part of that workout was putting on my tights”

Thank God for CW-X Stabilyx Tights. I can’t fit into most of my pre-preggo clothes yet, but I managed to wedge myself into my running capri tights and at least felt a little athletic as I prepared for my first postpartum run (click here to see my first tight-wedging post-Sprocket). I mean, I might have felt like a tubed sausage, but wearing running tights again is a total win, and all I needed to get in them was a shoe horn and some Vaseline.

I had just fed Spark, but was worried about how the girls would fare on the run. So, I put on a sports bra and a shelf bra tank top for extra support. I bounded down the stairs to be met with laughter…LAUGHTER from my husband. My self-doubting-shoved-into-tights-with-some-muffin-top self interpreted it as laughing at me — but according to B, he was “laughing at my motivation to get back out there.” Uh-huh. Sure.

I loaded Sprocket into the jogging stroller and headed out. B cheered me on from our bedroom window and apparently documented my first few running steps.


I am only 3.5 weeks postpartum, so I decided to just listen to my body. I ran (more like jog-shuffled… juffled? Shogged?) a bit then walked a bit. I felt pretty good, but my lower flab muscles (I don’t have ab muscles right now) definitely felt weak. I also had some weakness in my lower back. Both of these are completely predictable considering that my abs were recently stretched to accommodate my chubby Spark and my back adjusted to keep my big ol’ belly from tipping me over.

My Juffle only lasted about 20 minutes, but it felt really good to get out and do something. Sprocket was mad that we didn’t go further, but I was really happy with my effort. I didn’t look up the distance, I didn’t time how long I ran or walked…I just walked when I felt I needed it and didn’t push it too much with the total distance.

On the Run

I did have to keep reminding myself to stop slouching — again, due to the weakness of my core. I need to wait until the gap in my ab muscles has closed to do any real ab work, so until then, I just need to keep an eye on my form and try to strengthen my core that way.

While I was gone, B and Spark were Kung Fu fighting!
Home! This started the massive Sprocket meltdown because he wanted to go further.

I am going to wait until 6 weeks to start really pushing at all, so for the next couple weeks I am just going to try and get out and get moving. The goal for next week is to Juffle or Shog at least two times.

Oh, and get excited…coming up next — A Poop Post!

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