DIY Shape Stickers

DIY Shape Stickers - Such an easy way to create stickers using paint and contact paper. You can then arrange the stickers on a piece of paper to create art.

You will need:

  • Clear contact paper
  • Acrylic paint
  • Scissors
  • Permanent marker
  • Brushes
  • Wax Paper
  • Scotch Tape
  • Large white construction paper

paint supplies

My daughter and I talked about shapes and I had her tell me all the shapes she knew. We discussed the similarities and differences between the shapes and how many sides they each had. I drew the shapes she said on some contact paper with a permanent marker. Make sure to draw on the side of contact paper that has no writing on it. I originally tried this with a thin permanent marker (as shown in the photo above) but it got completely obscured by the paint, so I tried a thick permanent marker which worked a lot better.


Squirt some acrylic paint in a palette or paper plate. I prefer acrylic over tempera paints because when it dries, it does not crack like tempera paint. We used a water based acrylic which we have been able to wash off our skin and clothes.

paint pallette

Tape the contact paper to the table so it does not roll up or move. Provide your child with a brush and have them paint the shapes.

child painting

My daughter had so much fun with this that she insisted on painting multiple sheets of contact paper to make lots of stickers. Here are a few of her attempts.
painting contact paper

Originally I thought she would just paint the shapes I drew, but she was so into the process that she ended up painting the entire sheet!
contact paper painting

When the paint dries, it’s time for an adult to cut out the shapes. If you turn the contact paper over, you can still see the shape outlines on the back which will help to guide your cutting.

When you are done cutting out the shapes, peel the paper off the back and stick your stickers on a piece of wax paper. The wax paper makes it easy for kids to remove the stickers.

shape stickers

Provide your child with a large piece of construction paper that they can use to create an artistic masterpiece with their painted stickers. You child may choose to place the shape stickers on random places on the page to create abstract art or use the shapes to make a scene or picture.

making stickers

When my daughter saw the circles she immediately decided that she would make a truck.

DIY stickers

She used the squares to make the body of the truck.
Shape art

All done! She was especially proud of the rectangle at the end which she says is “where the smoke comes from.”

Making shape art

Since these stickers are made from contact paper, they are easy to remove and re-place on a paper. This is great for children, as they can experiment with the shapes in different configurations and change whatever they are not satisfied with.

What is your favorite use for contact paper?

truck made from shapes


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