Coming Up For Air

Whew. That was rough.

My first three weeks back to work are now under my belt.

I shouldn’t say that it was rough — I mean, Baby Girl sleeps through the night and transitioned well at day care, my re-entry to the classroom only had a few small bumps, and I managed to keep up with Spark’s appetite in the pumping department (quite the feat…that girl loves to eat!). It could have been a whole lot rougher!

The biggest difference between going back to work with one kid vs. two kids is that I have much less down time in the evenings. Both kids aren’t fully in bed until around 9, which leaves me (at most) one precious hour to get school work done. I can’t make the grading or lesson planning go away…so it just means that I have to be that much more efficient while at school.

See. Efficiency. Pumping and Grading.

The result is a balls-to-the-wall schedule that leaves me feeling a little overstretched and ragged by the end of the week and exhausted at the end of each day. I am adjusting, but it is going to take a bit more time to feel like I am actually functioning fully on the planet.

This has meant a lack of any exercise and really crappy eating — half the time my lunch consists of whatever I manage to throw into my school bag on the way out the door. I have found small ways to make my life easier by being proactive, but I still feel like I am just hanging on by my fingernails. Hanging on..but barely.

I have done some resting and recovering over Thanksgiving Break — but a sick toddler put a small wrench in those plans. I still managed to catch up a bit on grading and get my lesson planning done for the next week.

Sick Sprocket.

And now…we are entering December. This month is like a busy-pocalypse at school. The next three weeks are INSANE for me. I have presentations to make during staff meetings, pancake breakfasts to plan and pull off, and 140 kids that will be completing science fair projects that need grading. Plus, the crazy finals week schedule and a professional development workshop for a cohort group that I somehow got signed up for.

The result: I am giving myself permission to survive until Winter Break. I am going to keep planking, try to maybe get in a few trainer rides, and blog a bit more…but I am not making any promises. And I am completely okay with that.

Speaking of planking…I have so far completed all the days for the Plank Skank Challenge. We did forget a day at one point, but we made it up the next day. It’s the spirit of the planking that matters, right? So far, I have felt like the time requirement were tough, but doable. However, I am worried about bumping it up to a full minute this week.

Oh, and here is some Smither’s offspring cuteness…

Shake and Survive.

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