Waking Up To the Garbage Truck

garbage truck photo: Task 20 - Identify correct vehicle - Garbage truck TASK23Trash-Truck.jpg
I’m not gonna lie…the last couple of days I have felt stretched to my limit.  I may have had a few minor meltdowns.  I may have left a note on the kitchen table informing people that I was going to shut off their phones and close my chauffeuring business if they didn’t start helping me clean up around this joint.  I may have envisioned a few times swerving off my intended kid pickup/drop-off route and high-tailing it to some remote location.  Alone.  With a radio station of my choosing playing the entire time.

Instead I have kept plugging away and increasing my use of under-eye concealer at the same time.  I would dream about sleeping for days…if I ever got a good night’s sleep!

This morning Larissa got into bed with me at 5:30 a.m.  Too early!

She fell back asleep, but just as I started to drift off, Kellan climbed aboard.

Things were quiet and dark for a blissful moment and I envisioned us all cocooned there for another peaceful hour….but then the garbage truck roared into our cul-de-sac, disturbing my morning fantasy.

“What’s that noise?” Kellan asked.

“The garbage truck,” I replied.

Larissa stirred.


I prayed everyone would just go back to sleep.

“Mom,” Kellan whispered, “What has four wheels and flies?”

A smile spread over my face there in the dark.

“A garbage truck!” I whispered back.

We both erupted in a fit of giggles.

Larissa officially woke up.

“Mom,” said Kellan.

“What?” I answered.

“I don’t really get it.”
I spent a moment, squeezed between two warm little bodies, explaining wordplay and exchanging jokes.

It was just a brief moment, so, SO early in the morning when I was so, SO tired.

It was so, SO worth it.

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