Excited and Scared! #ClothDiaper Potty Training Series #1

Yup we are ready and have been offering for the past month or so! Eeek! About three weeks ago we bought Annaleah a potty and she already knew what to do with it. She had been interested in the big toilet a few months ago, wanting to flush it and put paper in it. Three times I tried getting to sit on it, but she was still unsure as to why she would be sitting and quickly jumped up out of the seat.

So, one day at a time. She’s 20 months and we are both not in a rush to get her out of diapers. They (her and her potty) are just acquaintances! Summer time will probably be the best time for us to potty train her and she’ll probably be ready at that time.

So yup, aren’t you excited for the day that you can say the MOST EXCITING THING you purchased this month is a POTTY!

Check out what other “Potty Essentials” we bought in my “Wordless Wednesday” post from yesterday! This is the one we got, it was in the low $20. Only thing was that the waffer thingy that goes in the middle doesn’t stay very well. When Annaleah shuts the lid, and does it quite forcefully, it pops out and ends up in the potty bucket, if you will. So when she starts to go potty, I hope it stays in place and won’t turn moms job into a fishing trip as well!
Wish us luck! If you have any suggestions or methods that worked for ya’ll please leave a comment below! At what age did you start the process? Did you do it all in one day? Yes, I have successfuly potty trained two little girls, but that seems so long ago and I really don’t remember it being much work or they potty trained so fast, I’m not sure. But this time around I’m dreading it!
See ya’ll next month!
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