When in Doubt, Bake it Out

I’ve had a lot on my mind lately: personal stuff, household stuff, kid stuff.  It’s a heavy burden to feel responsible for the well beings of so many people and things.  The way my head works, it’s far too easy for me to get caught up in the moments and feel immediately overwhelmed.  I have a tendency to feel like I have to solve the problems of the world in one fell swoop, but as we know, pulling the tablecloth out from underneath a fully set table is far harder than it looks.  Most of the time you end up with a lot of broken glass.

Being in the kitchen has always been therapeutic for me, but lately I haven’t spent much time there  The last several days have been especially draining, so this morning I decided that after I dropped Larissa off at school I wouldn’t race off to work out or run errands, I would come home and do whatever I felt like doing, as long as it wasn’t cleaning or laundry or worrying.  I decided that I would try a recipe that I printed out weeks ago.  It’s been sitting on my desk for ages – every time I would see it I would pick it up and scan the steps and then put it down deciding that it just seemed like too much work.  Sounds kind of like what I’ve been doing with my thoughts.

This morning I picked up the page, turned Spotify on my phone and got to work.

Turns out, I need to bake more often.  I have forgotten how relaxing it is when I take the time to do it right.

Today I took time pulling out everything I needed.  Typically I run around my kitchen randomly pulling things out and usually forgetting where I’m at in the recipe.  Or…I’m trying to get something made in the 20 minutes I have before pickup at some lesson or just before bedtime.  Today, I tried to stay organized, especially because I had never made this recipe before.

I put things away as I used them, cleaned up along the way, and found that it was so much more pleasant to be in the moment than running twelve steps ahead.  It’s possible that I have forgotten what “calm” feels like altogether.

Measuring out the ingredients and paying attention to the recipe really took my mind off of everything I’d been thinking of before.

There is so much beauty in their simplicity when you stop to take a look.

Details are so easy to overlook.

As I started to mix things together, I started anticipating that feeling of accomplishment.

Nothing was rushed.

I took my time and paid attention.

As the music played and the smells filled the kitchen and I put the last dish into the dishwasher I felt so much better.

Obviously there’s some kind of lesson here, right?

In the end, takinging time, appreciating the little things and only allowing the right ingredients to come together always ends up adding something sweet to your life.  And who can argue with that?

If you’re wondering what I made today, check it out here.

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