Friday Five: Sunday Edition

I’m not really sure where the weekend went, except to say it involved a lot of kids’ activities, spring cleaning and driving.

1) Speaking of driving, I’m fairly certain that Kellan and Riss have spent at least 78% of their lives in the car.  From birth, both have been shuttled around to every practice, event, activity and game that their older siblings have partaken in.  I told the older three that I will make them plane, train or automobile it from wherever they are living when their younger sibs finally start performing in their own events.

To keep the littles happy, and reward them for their endless patience, we have frequent ice cream cone parties.


2) I introduced the kids to the wonders of the chocolate malt.  Weston and Eliza are so obsessed that I bought a jar of malted milk at the store so we could make our own at home.  It seems that the three-step combination of malt, ice cream and milk is very difficult for the average child to comprehend.  Seriously? They acted like I was explaining the recipe for meth rather than a simple soda-shoppe treat, and I was forced to painfully explain (and re-explain) the complex formula.  I had a friend over and he was cracking up at how agonizing this entire even was.  Persistence paid off and eventually Weston and Eliza became expert malt makers.  Me?  I may never drink one again.  That was exhausting.

Rocket science!!

3) Saturday morning was a hectic rush of driving kids to various tournaments, practices and games, starting at the crack of dawn.  If there is no cold cereal in the house my children act as if they have been mortally wounded – physically and emotionally.  Only two of them like eggs and there was no time for pancakes, so I resorted to the next best thing…a roll of pretzel dough that I had stashed in the fridge.  The Breakfast Pretzel has been born!

The true mother of invention is a mother who has 10 minutes to feed 5 picky kids.

4) Weston’s soccer game was a bit blustery, but at least there was sun, so I only somewhat froze.  It’s amazing to watch him and his teammates play because they have been together since kindergarten.  Weston still loves soccer after all these years and has become such a finessed player.  I tried to take a picture as he scored a goal, but all I got was the post-score jog back to mid-field.

Blue shoes = Weston

5) Hayden played in a tennis invitational that same day so I was shuttling back and forth between events. (I don’t dare try and take pics while he’s playing if I’m not sitting far away).  When we finally arrived to watch he was in his third match of the day competing for 1st place.  I managed to survive the first set, but seriously….I cannot handle watching him compete.  Hayden is a very mentally tough kid, so win or lose, I know he is putting his entire self out on that court, but the pressure is waaaay too much for this mom.  I took Kellan and Riss to grab a quick bite and when we got back he was finished.

I’m sure Roger Federer’s mom leaves Wimbledon to get hot dogs whenever he’s in the finals.

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