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Pizza Night

Let’s just pretend this is me, shall we? Some days I spend hours looking up recipes and slaving in the kitchen only to find that when dinner is served I get a whole lot of “ick”s, “eeeews”, and “I’m just going to have some cold cereal”s.  It’s basically the most depressing part of my day….

DIY Frozen Pizza

My husband, for one reason or another, loves frozen pizzas. And not even fancy Freschetta or DiGorno pizzas, but like the crap, made-from-cardboard, less-than-a-dollar ones. They are made from about a million ingredients and have basically zero nutritional value. (I was  curious and actually counted- it had a total of 119 ingredients) Anything that has…

The Last Time…

Breastfeeding can be hard…but working and breastfeeding is e.x.h.a.u.s.t.i.n.g. It requires that I get up earlier to start my day, scramble to find time to pump twice while at work, wash and prepare pumping supplies, and constantly worry about trying…desperately…to keep up with Squishy Baby. It is easy to get frustrated and tired and irritated…