My 6 Year Old Lo…..

How did this happen so fast?? My baby, my last baby, is 6. That is a huge milestone in our family. She is going into first grade, she’s not so little anymore, she’s starting to have “grownup” conversations, she’s funny, she has many friends now, I’m not the center of her world, but she still can’t tell a lie. Her innocence is still there. For now. 🙂 My son has mastered lying, and I hate it. Just thinking about Lo getting one year closer to losing that kind of innocence makes me so sad. So for now I will just love her and hold on to what little bit of baby there is left, which isn’t much. She’s growing up, and fast!…….

The first thing she said to me on the morning of her birthday was “Don’t worry, Mom, I still sound the same even though I’m 6 now!” But looking at these pictures, I see a little lady where my baby used to be. 🙂


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