Pinterest Fails: Fizzing Paint

So, I found this awesome blog post with fizzy sidewalk paint. How great for my boys! Outside, paint, mess, and science fizzing. I set to work one lovely morning!

The recipe called for 1 box of baking soda, 1/2 cup of corn starch, and warm almost hot water to get the thickness. I put a bit of water in, too thick. A bit more, still a thick paste. A little bit more….super thin. What? Oh well. Poured it into a few cups, added food coloring, and set the boys loose.


It became immediately evident that it was too thin, as anything they painted was a slightly tinted wet spot. But hey, they were having fun.


Once the painting fun wore off, I filled up a squirt bottle with about 1/4 water and 3/4 vinegar. I took it out to test spray…and the end of the bottle that makes it spray like we need instead of a thin squirt is missing. What? Ugh. Ok, so we’ll squirt and get some fizz. And we did. A teeeny, tiny bit where they painted, because duh, very little baking soda made it into the paint they were using.

So, I improvised. I stirred up the paints I could find (um, where did the red go?) and dumped them.


There’s the fizz! Danny sat amazed. Bubbles! Fizz fizz!

Eric made like a 7 year old boy.


“Mom! I’m peeing on it!”

So it wasn’t a total bust at least. I went to bring Andrew over so he could see the bubbles.


Hey, there’s the red paint!

Eric then ran out of vinegar and salvaged the experiment in his own way. “It’s sort of like that Oobleck we made at school! I’m going to write my name.”


All in all, they had some fun on a beautiful morning. Just another Pinterest project that does not turn out anything like it should.

If you want to learn how this project is really supposed to go, you can find it at the Kids Activity Blog. I’ll be trying more Pinterest finds all summer… Feel free to come back and see how they turn out!

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