Places I’ve Pumped #2

Back in February, I was in charge of putting on our district Science Fair. Over 300 students (high school and middle school) from across our district come present their projects and over 130 judges interview them. It is a long day that is the product of months of planning.

It is held at the state university in town and we use the ball room in the student union for all the displays and interviews. There were 2 other nursing moms — so when the “mommy time” came around, I set out to find us a place to pump. I asked the nice gentleman at the help desk.

“Excuse me, sir. This is a bit awkward, but I am wondering if you know of a private place where I could pump.”

He responded that they often get that request and assured me that there was a nice family bathroom downstairs where there was an outlet. So, I headed downstairs to the verrrrrry back corner of the building where I found the semi-grungy bathroom that smelled like swimming pool. The outlet was next to the toilet, so I couldn’t even use the sink to set the pump down.


So, I headed upstairs to the office part of the building and found an entire floor with only conference rooms. I asked the help desk guy for the number to the event planning office and called them to reserve a conference room.

I masking taped a piece of paper over the window in the door, locked it, and positioned a chair right in front of it to ensure privacy. I managed to reserve the room for pretty much the entire day — so I was able to offer up the space to the other pumping  moms as well.

Score one for the Booby Brigade!

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