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Summer With Kids

Raising kids at different ages and stages is a challenge…and no matter what people say, it does NOT get easier as they get older and kids do NOT grow out of tantrums! This is how I begin every single day….and how I end almost every single day. I start with good intentions and a plan…

It’s been a long time.

I feel bad that I didn’t post about her birthday. I haven’t posted much at all anywhere lately. My life feels like it keeps getting away from me. But we had a birthday celebration. Cora’s butterflies arrived and hatched early, so we released them on April 26th instead.

School’s Out

“Mom? Why do we have to go back to the doctor?” “Because our coughs aren’t going away and we need to make sure it hasn’t become something more serious.” “Okay, but it better be fast. Because today, you know what time it is, right?” “What time?” “Summertime!”


Last weekend, B and I came to the realization that if we are going to log any miles on the bike — it will probably have to be alone. So, on Sunday I fought the urge — the oh-so-very strong urge — to nap once the kids went down for a nap. I changed into…