Last weekend, B and I came to the realization that if we are going to log any miles on the bike — it will probably have to be alone.

So, on Sunday I fought the urge — the oh-so-very strong urge — to nap once the kids went down for a nap. I changed into my spandex and got the bike ready while B ran to the hardware store for some yard-cleaning supplies. Once he got home, he gave me a quick tutorial on how to use the carbon cartridges in case I got a flat (yeah, I know…I should know how to use them by now). And I was off.

I planned on doing our quick 18-ish mile loop. However, when I got to a possible turn-off to add some miles, I found myself quickly swooping into the turn lane and heading towards Hygiene. I started to doubt my decision when I looked at the sky.

This was to my left…

But this was to my right…

However, I kept on going. And then got schooled by two 14 year olds (one was wearing a tri-suit) after leap frogging for a couple miles.

I stopped at the little corner store in Hygiene to avenge past closed-only-10-minutes-before-we-arrived atrocities. I planned on having a brew to make things right. I rolled up and the corner store was open! But they don’t sell beer. (Normie — all that regret for the past 3 years…and they didn’t sell beer anyway!).

Sad Face.

As I sat and lamented, a guy threw away a beer bottle and another guy said “aren’t you supposed to save those for after the ride?” and he replied “before…during…after…whatever.” I quipped, “you guys are my kind of people!” All parties involved did the “awkward Colorado cyclist chuckling about drinking and riding.” The whole exchange was very weird. I thought about asking him where he got his brew, but decided the moment had passed. I think he may have brought it with him.

I headed home and beat the rain. The kids were still asleep. B had pulled a ton of weeds and had sore back to show for it. I was on the verge of being hangry and gathered some snacks and began shoveling calories into my face.

Is that pepperoni in your lap or are you just happy to see me?

I convinced B to help me fill some water balloons for some planned activities with 8th graders the next day.

Water Balloon Super Smile!

I ended up getting in 22 miles and felt really good about it. I think it is the first solo ride I have done in years…like, before Sprocket was born. Obviously, it is more fun to ride with B, but I think we need to adjust expectations and just get some miles under our belt –even if it means we ride alone.

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